Roland is a member of the Council of Elders. He is one of the few Elders who survived the Titans' invasion of the Heavens. Roland is a responsible and dutiful Elder who is concerned with following the rules. For this reason, he was against Leo Wyatt's marriage to Piper Halliwell, and was reluctant to share information about the Titans with Leo, because he was not a member of the council.


Roland first appeared alongside his fellow Elder Cecil when Leo orbed to the Heavens to find out more about the upcoming Titan attack. Roland was reluctant to share information with Leo and quickly left the conversation.

After the attack on the Heavens, Roland found shelter with a Leprechaun. When they were discovered by the Titans, they tried to flee, but the leprechaun was killed by Cronus. Before the Titans were able to kill Roland, the Charmed Ones appeared, having been transformed into The Greek Goddesses. The Charmed Ones shielded Roland from the Titans' attacks, but were unable to fight back. At this point, Leo intervened from the Heavens and teleported them to a sanctuary hidden by fairy magic.

Once in the sanctuary, Roland revealed to the sisters that it was Leo who was now in charge of the Heavens and expressed his gratitude, admitting that he was originally opposed to Piper and Leo's marriage. Roland then joined his fellow Elders and waited until it was safe to leave the sanctuary.

After the were vanquished, it is presumed that Roland went back up to the Heavens to continue being an Elder. However, he has not been seen since.



Roland appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.