Robin Brook Preschool is a preschool in San Francisco, California. Wyatt Halliwell began attending the preschool in 2005, when Piper became concerned about him having a normal life.



When Wyatt first began attending the school, Miss Henderson noted that he did not interact with other children and only talked to himself. Although she believed it was normal behavior for his age, Wyatt was actually talking to Vicus, an invisible demon who wanted to corrupt him. When Vicus gained his trust, Wyatt was briefly turned evil, though he returned to normal when Leo regained his trust.[1]


Some time later, a possessor demon possessed one of the mothers at the preschool named Mandi. By acting like a "perfect" mother, she made Piper feel insecure as they prepared for a play. Meanwhile, she befriended Wyatt and gained his trust, because she wanted to use his power to resurrect the Source of All Evil. After the possesor demon was vanquished, Piper and Leo attended the play and saw Mandi again. Although shaken and confused, she seemed not to remember what had happened.[2]


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