"No, gotta have more. Don't you understand? I've gotta have more!"
—Robert to Prue before his death.[src]

Robert Pike worked for Brickson Investments as a sucessful stock broker and was married with two children.


Robert was not a typical stockbroker, as he was more of a philanthropist. He even hosted a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society the day before he died. At some point, Robert became infected with Greed. The Charmed Ones intervened when Robert was begging a demon for more of what was inside the "box". Prue threw the box across the street and the moment Robert got free, he ran for the box and was killed by being hit by a bus. His soul was contained and delivered to Lukas, but was released by Leo after the demon was vanquished.



Robert Pike appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.