"Well, at the risk of you never wanting to go out with me again... Congratulations."
—Rob granting Piper the loan for P3.[src]

Rob was a banker and a brief love interest to Piper Halliwell.



Piper and Rob kiss.

Rob and Piper start dating around the time Piper was trying to open her club, P3. Prue and Phoebe joked that Piper was just using him to gain a loan for the club, although she did say she would never sleep with someone just to get something.

However, when Rob handed her the papers needed for the loan, he admitted he was worried that she was only dating him for the loan as well. The two of them kissed, but were interrupted by Jeremy Burns, who attacked and knocked out Rob. He was not seriously wounded, but he ended his relationship with Piper and denied her the loan.


Rob appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.