The River Styx is a Greek mythological river located in the Underworld. According to myths, the river is filled with lost souls.[1]


Cole Turner and Coop Halliwell visited the river to collect water from it. To find the river one needs to become 'lost'. The areas around the river was protected from Teleportation, which kept anyone from being able to teleport to its location, but not from leaving it. To reach the river, one must reach the deepest depths of the Underworld and walked around until they become lost, as the cavern paths all eventually lead to Styx. Cerberus guarded the river. Coop and Cole worked together and finally collected the water needed for severing Dafydd's bond to the Eros Ring. To make severance effective, they needed to pour the water into a Crystal Goblet kept in Cupid's Temple's vault.

Notes and Trivia

  • The name was used in the Season 7 episode, "Styx Feet Under".
  • In Soul of the Bride, the Charmed Ones first came to the river when Nikos used a Cursed Camera to trap the souls of four models in the Underworld. The sisters were escorted across the river on Charon's little boat. Prue and Piper came to the river again on their way to rescue their sister.
  • In Truth and Consequences, Cole is ferried to the Underworld with Charon's help. According to the ferryman, the river exists in the void and one cannot determine how long the boat ride will take before they reach the destination. For the dead, the amount of time taken to reach the other side is determined by the lifespan they've lived, but for Cole it was different.

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