"You're not going anywhere. In for a penny, in for a pound, remember?"
—Rick to Ramona.[src]

Rick Gittridge was a former classmate of Phoebe Halliwell at Baker High School and a criminal.


High School[]

Rick Gittridge was the leader of the "gang" of friends Phoebe associated with in her high school days. Along with Todd Marks and Ramona Shaw; they would do things based on the idea "in for a penny, in for a pound". After graduation, Rick became a criminal and attempted to rob a liquor store, but was caught and sent to jail.


At her tenth high school reunion, Phoebe reverted to her teenage self and told her friends of her magic. They reminisced about their high school days and started discussing Rick.

Rick learned of Phoebe's magic when she and her friends decided to break into prison to visit him. He insisted they break him out and came up with the idea to have Phoebe use her powers to help him with a robbery. However, Phoebe returned to her normal self when Rick knocked Todd unconscious and refused. Rick then kidnapped Ramona and locked her in a tank under a pumping station, using her as leverage to force Phoebe to help him rob an armored truck.

Whilst robbing the truck, Phoebe cast a spell to make Rick hear police sirens, his greatest fear, so that Rick would be worried enough to leave. They went to the Halliwell Manor, where Rick demanded that she changed his appearance so he could evade the police. When Paige arrived, he held Phoebe hostage. Thinking he had the upper hand, Rick revealed Ramona's location. Paige then glamoured him into Chris Halliwell, who was being hunted by a clan of Scabbar Demons. When the demons appeared, they mistook Rick for Chris and used their acid to kill him.



Rick Gittridge appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.