Paige notes three dead innocents in three weeks, all near Memorial Hospital. She sends Billie to identify the demon, but strictly orders her not to fight it. Near the hospital, a man in the street tells a bystander that his wife is in labor and sends him off after her. The "man" is a demon named Antosis; he gestures, summoning a swarm of imps, and shimmers away. The swarm attacks the bystander. Billie arrives and attacks the swarm which turns on her, but she fights it off. Unknown to her, Agent Murphy has seen her use magic. Agent Murphy comes to the manor and Billie meets him at the door. The sisters perceive a threat.

Dex arrives to take Phoebe on a getaway to Napa. She tries to wave him off, but Billie casts a love spell and they leave together. When they return, she is in a bridal gown and he in a tuxedo, but when he carries her across the threshold, the spell breaks, Dex drops Phoebe, and neither remembers getting married.

Piper has organized a speed-dating night at P3. Paige is participating, and meets a series of men who use cheesy pickup lines, but finally meets one she likes, Whit.

Paige and Whit are at P3, and the two are kissing. They are ready to get horizontal when he calls her "Jo." Paige sees "Jo Bennet" in a mirror and gets cold feet.

Billie has identified Antosis, but it takes the Power of Three to vanquish him. She goes to Phoebe and says she has a plan. Phoebe turns her down flat and she is disappointed. Phoebe begins to regret living as Julie Bennet; she shares her thoughts with Paige.

Agent Murphy goes to Piper and shows her the innocents killed by the imps. He notes her lack of shock. He assures her that he's not after the Halliwells, but he knows about the supernatural and wants The Charmed Ones' help.

Billie goes after Antosis. She saves an innocent and returns to the manor; Antosis shimmers in after her, followed by the impmaster. Billie throws a potion and vanquishes the impmaster; the Charmed Ones say a spell, and that's the end of Antosis.

The sisters and Leo decide, at last, to drop their false identities. Phoebe says the spell and the four see their true faces in a mirror for the first time in weeks. The sisters visit an astonished Agent Murphy. Piper admits to the disguise and that she was "Jamie Bennet." They offer their help in return for his. He covers for the sisters, saying that Homeland Security had faked their deaths to find the perpetrators of a crime.

Phoebe goes to Dex and admits that she was "Julie Bennet," taking on her false appearance; he passes out.

At P3, Piper and Paige are welcomed by a bunch of people. They are glad to finally be themselves again in spite of everything.

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