"You're back from the dead, dear."
The Crone after resurrecting a Kazi.[src]

Resurrection is the rare power to either bring oneself or others back to life after being killed or vanquished. While resurrection is a power on its own, the process can also be accomplished through other means, including spells or rituals.


Resurrecting Others[]

Resurrection is most often possessed by powerful beings, including the Avatars and the Crone. Some Alchemists possess this power, like Kierkan, while others can only control the dead.

Resurrection can also refer to the ability to reanimate deceased bodies as Undead. Those reanimated are not fully restored to life and are trapped between life and death. Zankou possessed this form of resurrection.


Lazarus Demons can resurrect themselves after being reduced to ashes, this is a natural process that can only be stopped by burying them in a cemetery.

Feline Familiar Warlocks are known to have nine lives and need to shed them all before the next new moon, or else they revert to cat form for eternity. In addition, feline Familiars who become humans are also known to have nine lives due to retaining some of their animalistic attributes.

Alternate Methods[]



List of beings who use(d) Resurrection[]

Resurrecting Others

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Necromancer once stated that there was enough magic in the Halliwell line to resurrect both him and his lover (Penny Halliwell).
  • The Triad and the Necromancer resurrected themselves through the help of their manifestation power, allowing them to remain as spirits and retain their powers.
  • When Alchemists and Avatars use this ability, they emit a beam of light from their hands. In this form, this ability might resemble healing.
  • Resurrection, in a sense, involves restoring the soul to the original body.


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