Remote Orbing is the ability to orb other people from one place to another without establishing physical contact. It is a form of remote teleportation. It can be channeled through the mind or hands. Paige Matthews, however, channels her power through vocal commands, but on occasion has been known to overcome this limitation, and will eventually outgrow it altogether. This ability is considered an advanced stage of Telekinetic Orbing.


The Elders

The Elders used this ability to orb Leo out of the manor before he could marry Piper.[1]

"Orb them out… Up There"
Gideon to Leo.[src]

While the Charmed Ones were battling the Titans, Leo Wyatt was able to remotely orb them and Elder Roland to a safe haven.[2] As an Elder, Leo Wyatt used this to orb a group of students out of the manor and Up There to protect them. He later used it to send Phoebe from Magic School back to the manor. She asked him for some orbing assistance, and he simply raised his hand toward her to send her off.

Chris Halliwell

Chris once used this power to send Leo to Valhalla,[2] and later to teleport his older brother from the manor back home to their grandfather.[3]

Wyatt Halliwell

Wyatt once sent his baby brother Chris from Magic School to the manor when they were having a sibling rivalry.

Melinda Halliwell

After coming into her powers Melinda was able to send Piper and her aunt Phoebe outside her mother's restaurant during a tantrum.

Paige Matthews


Paige's telekinetic orbing powers advanced to this level in 2004, she used it to send Phoebe back to the manor by raising her hand and yelling "Home!". She later used it to send Darcy back to the manor with Pandora's Box through the same gesture. Darcy disappeared in a glow of orbs, and came to a rough landing in the attic.

In the battle to reclaim the Heavens and stop Neena from destroying the world, Paige used this power to orb Neena out of the Heavens, giving her sisters time to cast a spell in put her soul back into her body.

"Gonna be hard to get back together when I scatter your orbs around the world."
Paige to an Automaton.[src]

While inside the Nexus of the All, Paige's powers reached their maximum potential, allowing her to scatter the orbs of a soulless automaton around the world; thus destroying him.

Paige orbs Darryl.

"Sorry, I got excited. I've never orbed a person halfway round the world without touching them or calling out to them."
Paige to Prue[src]

She was also able to orb Darryl across the world without touching or calling for him. It is hinted that Paige's powers will advance to this stage naturally at some point in the future.

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Notes and Trivia

  • The main difference between this ability and telekinetic orbing is that the latter requires the user to call the object while the former has the user calling the name of the location.
  • While Patra had stolen Paige's powers, she was able to send Billie out of the house by saying "Porch!".[4]
  • This is the last power gained by a Charmed One in the series. Paige's other Whitelighter powers don't count because she always had them, but just never knew how to use them for a time.
  • Like telekinetic orbing and orbing this power has a dark counterpart called remote black orbing which was properly demonstrated by the Darklighter Rennek.[5]