Releasing Repression is the act of feeding on someone's repressed feelings by pointing a hand in their direction. This act will weaken the victim's self-control, causing them to act upon their repressed anger[1] and lose focus.[2] The possessor, on the other hand, would become stronger and more powerful but can also overdose if they absorb too much at once. The user's hands glow red and this power manifests as a red energy beam. This power is unique to the demon Lord Dyson.


"By all means don't repress yourself."
Lord Dyson, before he feeds on Odin.[src]

In 2004, the once weak and starving Lord Dyson became invincible, after feeding on a large number of mortals, several magical students, Piper Halliwell and the Elder Odin.

Unfortunately, his desire for more power eventually led to his fall. He made the ill-fated decision to feed on Leo Wyatt's pent-up rage and hostilities and it proved fatal, killing him in a huge explosion.


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  1. For example, Duncan, Odin and Piper all attacked the individuals they were mad at.
  2. The best example of this was when Piper turned on Leo during the battle with Lord Dyson.