Regeneration, also known as Self-Healing, is the ability to magically heal and regenerate bodily tissue and organs damaged as a result of injuries. This regeneration takes place very quickly and is usually completed within seconds. This ability is powerful enough to revive the possessor even after otherwise fatal injuries and wounds. However, beings cannot be brought back to life after being vanquished as powerful magic is needed for such action.



As a Whitelighter, Leo revealed that he could regenerate after Rick Lang stabbed him in the abdomen with a knife, his wound healed within seconds. However, his regeneration ability does not extend to attacks from Darklighter Arrows, as the poison presumably neutralizes this power.

Chameleon Demons

Alastair, chameleon demon, repairs his arm

These demons can regenerate whole limbs if destroyed. Alastair revealed this in 2001 when he attacked the Charmed Ones. Cole blew Alastair's arm off with an energy ball, but The Chameleon just grew a new one leaving the remains of the old one all over Piper's baby baskets.

Cole Turner

Cole returned from the Demonic Wasteland with this power, he could heal from anything ranging from a knife cut all the way up to gunshot wounds.

Piper Halliwell

In 2002, while Piper was pregnant with her oldest son, Wyatt all of her injuries would be healed in a matter of seconds ranging from small pricks to large cuts and stabs wounds.

Billie Jenkins

Regeneration can also be accessed through the Golden Belt of Gaea, seeing as Billie Jenkins, while wearing the belt she was able to recover quickly from all the injuries she sustained. However, the belt can only be worn by good beings.

List of beings who use(d) Regeneration

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