"He created over five hundred spells and potions before mysteriously disappearing in 1904."
Sigmund about Rathmere.[src]

Rathmere was an ancient and powerful wizard who contributed hundreds of spells and potions to the magical world. In addition to these original magical formulas, Rathmere was known to have created at least one unique wand. He mysteriously disappeared in 1904, leaving behind only his wand, which would later be placed on display in the Magic School library.


Early Life[]

Rathmere was captured by the Spider Demon, who fed off his magic and life force slowly over the next hundred years while keeping his body in a cocoon. No one knew what happened to the latter and he remained in the Spider Demon's Lair for the remainder of his life.


In 2004, as the wizard was nearly completely drained, the spider went off to find her next target. Rathmere had hoped to die in peace, but the demon returned after finding her target and infected her future son with her transformative venom. She then drained the last of Rathmere's magic, turning his body into a skeleton in the process.


Magic School Book[]


A wizard of unknown
age and uncertain origins.
Rathmere once possessed
vast magical powers. He is
credited with more than
500 original spells
and potions and would be a force
to rival any other if not his
mysterious disappearance in 1904
All that remains as evidence
of his existence are his wand
and his legacy of magic.



Rathmere appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.