Rainbow Teleportation is the ability to teleport by summoning and stepping into a rainbow.

Leprechauns use rainbows as means of transportation, which they summon through their shillelaghs with a spell. Rainbows can also be summoned by other beings when they are in possession of a shillelagh.


Spell to Create a Rainbow Road[]

Go n-eiri an bothar leat!

Notes and Trivia[]

  • In some cases, the colors of the rainbows are reversed. The red is supposed to be on the outer part of the rainbow with the violet being on the inner side.
  • Seamus Fitzpatrick claimed that he did not understand why mortals find rainbows pretty.
    • He also states that rainbows are always in the sky and that most creatures simply cannot see them. The rainbows used in this teleportation type don't actually become visible - this is just an in-show effect that allows the viewer to perceive how the user teleports, similarly to the unique sound of each magical power. This can be seen in "Lucky Charmed", when, after Seamus summons a rainbow to teleport through, it is visible from one perspective but remains invisible from another.
  • Some believe that the translation of the spell means "Let the road rise with you". However, that is an incorrect translation; in the blessing used by the Gaelic, it means "May you have a successful journey".
  • When a leprechaun tried to teleport away in a rainbow with an Elder in "Oh My Goddess! Part 2", Cronus shot fire into the rainbow, killing the leprechaun and breaking the connection.


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