The Pumpkin Carriage is a magical object kept within the Fairy Tales Fortress in order to preserve the fairy tale Cinderella.


In 2002, the Wicked Witch from the Magic Mirror used the pumpkin carriage to draw Phoebe Halliwell away from the manor. When midnight came, Phoebe was shoved inside the carriage just as it transformed back into a pumpkin. Adam Prinze was ordered to destroy it, but Cole Turner managed to save it.

After Piper vanquished the witch, Phoebe is freed and the pumpkin returned to the fortress.[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Transmogrification: The ability to transform oneself into another object.
  • Force Field: The ability to shield oneself from magical or physical harm. It repelled anyone who wasn't wearing the Cinderella persona.



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