Prue: "So, what is your power anyway?"
Max: "Mom called it psychokinesis. It means I can move things I can't see."
Prue Halliwell and Max Franklin discussing his power.[src]

Psychokinesis is the magical ability to move objects that are not in visual range with the mind.


It can be used to move objects over large distances and even affect complex machinery whose inner workings are foreign to the user, such as alarm systems. Certain users go in a trance-like state when using this power.


  • Max Franklin was able to use this power to send a message through the spirit board, despite not knowing where it was or ever having seen it before. He was also able to use this power to remotely shut down a complex alarm system, despite only knowing its location based on a blueprint.

List of Users[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This ability is very similar to Telekinesis and is often mistaken for it. However, it is a separate power, as mentioned in "Secrets and Guys". This confusion is most likely caused by Prue, who has been shown moving objects out of her sight multiple times.[4]

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  1. It is mentioned Max inherited his power from his mother in "Secrets and Guys".
  2. Presumably stolen from a witch.
  3. Presumably, as the doors at Cabaret Fantome were shown closing on their own in "Show Ghouls".
  4. As seen in "Something Wicca This Way Comes", "Reckless Abandon", "Primrose Empath" and "The Good, the Bad and the Cursed".