"They're good witches, my love, which is why I gave you this amulet to wear. It protects you from their witchcraft so they can never harm you."
Anton speaking with Russell about the necklace he gave her.[src]

The Protection Amulet is a magical amulet capable of protecting its wearer from witchcraft. It was obtained by the warlock Anton and given to his lover, P. Russell.



When Anton convinced P. Russell to help him kill her cousins, Bowen and Baxter, he gave her this amulet, which was meant to protect her from her cousins' powers. During a fight between Bowen and Russell, the amulet was capable of neutralizing any magical power used against Russell, such as Bowen's ice breath. Bowen and Baxter eventually ripped the amulet from Russell's neck before cursing her and her future lives. A little girl named Christina Larson saw it lying on the floor.


In 2000, Phoebe Halliwell became aware of the curse and used a spell to relive her past life. To find out more, she visited the only person still alive that could remember what happened, Christina Larson, whom told the Charmed Ones about the amulet.

Phoebe cast the spell again and went looking for the amulet, though Anton had already taken it. To give herself more time, Phoebe switched lives with Russell. In the present, Anton then handed the amulet to Russell and tried to kill Prue and Piper. After the sisters vanquished Anton, they took the amulet off Russell, allowing Phoebe to switch back. They then placed the amulet around her neck again, saving her from the curse.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers
  • Immunity: The ability to be immune to magic. The amulet protects whoever wears it from witchcraft, including the powers of witches and curses. Its protection even extends to those who are within immediate proximity of the wearer (such as holding hands).

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