"I've spent years studying and teaching psychology, Ms. Halliwell, dedicated my life to it. But I'll be damned if I'm just gonna let you poach my class to steal a sound bite or two for your column."
—Professor Slotkin to Phoebe Halliwell.[src]

Professor Slotkin was Phoebe Halliwell's psychology professor in 2005, who became annoyed with Phoebe when she thought she was only taking her class to use in her column "Ask Phoebe". However, Phoebe later proved her wrong by writing an impressive paper and the professor apologized, telling her that she was looking forward to her next column.


When Wyatt started exhibiting strange behavior while at Robin Brook Preschool, Piper and Leo grew concerned about their son's development. Phoebe believed it was a case of "Freudian transference" and said she would ask her psychology professor, who was an expert on the subject.

Phoebe approached professor Slotkin on campus, but the professor brushed her off, telling her that she didn't have time to discuss Phoebe's paper. Phoebe informs her that it's about a personal matter and told her professor about Wyatt. The professor suggested it might be the "terrible twos", but Phoebe told her that Wyatt was talking to himself and not with anyone else.

Professor Slotkin then suggested that he might have an imaginary friend, but that a child of Wyatt's age was too young for something like that. When they discuss the issue, Phoebe tried to take a few notes, causing the professor to ask if she would receive credit this time. When Phoebe responded confused, the professor told her that she suspected Phoebe was only taking her class to improve her column, having read one of Phoebe's publications about Lorenz's theory of imprinting a week after they discussed it in class.

A few days later Phoebe met with professor Slotkin again and discussed the paper she wrote about imaginary friends. The professor admitted she was very impressed with her work and apologized for her earlier behavior, rewarding her work with an A-. She then told Phoebe she was looking forward to her next paper and to her next column.


Professor Slotkin appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.