The Power Stripping Potion is an intricate concoction that has the power to remove any magic from a being forever. When brewed correctly, the potion turns blood-red after which it is ready for intaking.

This potion includes the following ingredients; a pinch of dandelion, a dash of chickweed and a billing's root. The water must be shaken for two-hundred heartbeats before adding the ingredients.


In 1998, Penny intended to use the potion on the girls, as she was afraid that they would never come together, and their powers would only cause more harm than good. It never had the chance to be used for Penny died soon after. The potion was found again in 2001, with the recipe attached to the bottom.[1]

In May 2001, Phoebe Halliwell was working on this potion to make Cole Turner mortal by stripping him of his demonic half Belthazor. However, Phoebe could not complete the potion because of one ingredient she could not find; Billing's Root. She later learned from Janna, a witch and innocent that she and her sisters had saved, that Billing's Root was an old name for 'ginger'.[2]

Although Phoebe managed to correctly brew the potion with help from Janna, Cole did not drink the potion due to an unfortunate twist of events and the potion got deliberately smashed onto the ground by Phoebe. However, it seemed that Phoebe had brewed another batch of the potion later that year as she used one on Cole, finally vanquishing Belthazor and leaving Cole completely mortal.[3]

In early 2004, Paige Matthews brewed this potion for her ex-boyfriend Richard, who had grown addicted to magic and was misusing his powers.[4]

It can be presumed that a variation of this potion was what Prue Halliwell (as Patience) took to remove her active powers and strengthen the Power of Three.[5]


  • The Book of Shadows has an unseen entry on the potion. All that is known is that it requires Billing's Root and the water has to be shaken vigorously for two hundred heartbeats. Then a pinch of dandelion and a dash of chickweed needs to be added after which the potion should be left to cool down and turns blood red.



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