Power Stripping means temporarily or permanently removing a being's magical powers so they won't have access to them. This can also be done through spells or potions.

Methods of Power Stripping[]


The Phoenix have the ability to extract powers by creating a small portal in their victims' chest through which they can insert their hand and absorb the power. They cannot use these powers; they can only hold onto them. If the process gets interrupted the victim will die slowly, unless the witch completes or reverses the process. Supposedly, Phoenix can only strip away the powers of their victims, but not turn them into mortals, meaning they still retain the ability to cast spells.[1]

The Tribunal can remove magical powers from demons and witches. They were the ones that stripped Phoebe of her Empathy, Premonition and Levitation powers because she was using her magic for personal gain.[2]


The Charmed Ones brewed a Power Stripping Potion to take away the powers of Belthazor, turning Cole into a mortal.[3] Another batch was created some time later, at which point it was used successfully.[4]

Paige once attempted to strip her boyfriend Richard Montana of his powers with a potion, though he repelled it. Later, he voluntarily drank the potion.[5]

Prue Halliwell voluntarily stripped her own powers to bring the Power of Three under control, which had had become disrupted due to her reunion with her sisters. Her plan backfired when she gained all of her sisters' powers as well as her own due to Rennek switching magic over to mortals.[6]


Melinda Warren cursed Matthew Tate as punishment for revealing her secret to the townsfolk of Salem. The curse trapped him inside the Pewter Heart he gave her and stripped away the powers he copied from her. He tried to copy Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's powers after being accidentally released, but only managed to copy two of them before Melinda cursed him back into the locket, with the powers stripped again.[7]

List of beings who use(d) Power Stripping[]

Original power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Victims of Power Absorption may also lose all their powers, similar to when they are stripped.
  • Demonic Power Brokers possess the ability of Power Extraction, which has the same effect, but stores the powers in magical spheres or orbs.
  • Power Stripping is not to be confused with Power Binding, which does not removes powers, but renders them dormant.
  • It is also notable that people retain their basic powers and sometimes their passive powers, such as High Resistance, when their powers are stripped.[8]
  • Bianca didn't manage to take away Wyatt's powers, only hold him back, so it is possible that this power won't work if the target is immensely more powerful than the user.

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