Power Granting is the ability to confer powers to another being or beings.


Power granting can refer to one or multiple powers of varying effect and strength. It can be permanent or temporary, with the possibility that the granter can take the powers back any time.

There is a distinction between beings who are able to grant virtually any power to beings, such as Kevin[1], and beings that can grant a limited number of powers, mainly their own, such as Empaths[2], to others.

These limits extend even further for Furies, Zodiacs, Nymphs and Banshees. Their ability to bestow power is restricted to certain species, such as witches, emotional states and in the case of Zodiacs, destiny.

Some beings are able to grant power through their own immense power to add to their collective, often converting the recipients into one of their own, whether it be the Avatars or the Elders. In the end they are adding to their cause, and adding powerful beings to their own collective to have an upper hand or just to serve, what is defined differently by others, "the Greater Good."

When granting power it is usually a means of Personal gain. However not all beings are deserving: for example; Cole Turner was also able to grant powers after coming back from the Demonic Wasteland. He was able to make Ronan, a Darklighter, immune to Piper's power and the sisters' potions. Paige Matthews also granted Darryl Morris powers with a spell.

It should be noted that, Power Granters can not grant any powers to themselves without help.

List of Users

Original power
Through spell, power, artifacts, transformation, etc.


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  1. Through Thought Projection.
  2. Primrose Empath, "Father Thomas gave his Empathy power to Vinceres."
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