Power Containment is the ability to store and contain magical powers in white spheres or magical containers. The contained powers cannot be accessed directly but must be transferred into a living being in order to become active.


  • Rex Buckland owned a magical lantern that was capable of containing powers. In 1999, he blackmailed the Charmed Ones into giving up their powers through a relinquishment spell, which were then stored inside the lantern.[1]
  • Demonic Power Brokers are capable of extracting demonic powers and containing them in white spheres. They would temporarily store powers in human beings as demonstration or safekeeping, but such acion will eventually kill the host if the powers aren't removed.[2]
  • The Seer had a cage that contained magic and renders its prisoners unable to escape, as demonstrated when Paige failed to orb out of it.[3]
  • A Power-Sucking Athame absorbs its victim's powers, which remain inside the blade until a wielder transfers them into themselves. To remove the powers, the only way is to stab the wielder.[4]
  • Paige used the Phosphorus Cauldron to store magic of every supernatural species to create the most powerful potion ever and then use it against the Source in conjunction with Phoebe's spell.[5]


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