Possessions, Confessions, And Ghostly Obsessions: a Demon's Guide to Everything Magical is a magical tome that Drake dè Mon once sold from lair to lair in the Underworld.

The book is sentient and capable of conjuring illustrations to demonstrate what it is describing, such as a rope floating in the air, moving to illustrate the concept of Lost Souls.[1]

There is also a reference that Leo Wyatt found on cursed objects while he and Piper Halliwell were looking for a way to reverse a curse placed on Wyatt's teddy bear Wuvey.[2]

Known Content[]

Lost Souls[]

Lost Souls are spirits of the dead, unable to move on because of spiritual confusion. These
spirits haunt the locations of their own death where they are suspended between Above
and Below. Invisible to humans, they hold each other back, and both good and bad souls are
unable to move on such as dying a violent death together. The souls remain trapped in a time
loop, reliving the day of their death over and over again. They are lost, stuck, in their respective
afterlives, unaware of their tragic fate. Although there are spells to allow a witch to see the
moment when souls became lost, it is very rare that the Lost Souls can be saved.



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