Possession is the ability to take control of living beings by entering their bodies.


When possessing another being, the possessor gains control of the body. Most possessors are able to use both their own powers and the powers of the host.[1]

"He doesn't know exactly what happened to him, but he knows it's something bad and he knows it's somehow connected to me."
Paige about Shane after his possession.[src]

Whether or not the host retains their memories while possessed is dependent on possessor. For example, temporary hosts to The Source of All Evil do not remember,[2] while hosts possessed by spirits do remember their actions.

"A well-made life essence can possess any living being, but would prove toxic and eventually lethal to the being's pre-existing soul."
Prue reading from the Book of Shadows.[src]

When a body is possessed by a life essence, the original soul will slowly be poisoned and will eventually die unless the essence is expelled.

Freeing a host from possession can be achieved in several ways. A life essence can be driven out of a host by a dispossessing spell. A potion can also be used.[3] Certain users can be expelled by force, such as an energy ball.[4] If a host has a teleportation power and a strong will, they can use it to teleport themselves out of the spirit. However, not all users can be expelled and must leave their host voluntarily.

Notable Examples

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List of Users

Original Power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.


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