"Sleep eternal never more, and shift this source of illness borne, to this poppet whom none shall mourn."
Prue and Phoebe casting the Awakening Spell.[src]

A poppet, also known as a voodoo doll, is a kind of figurine in the shape of a person used in magical rituals, specifically cast on those to whom the poppet represents.


Piper created a wax figurine of the warlock Jeremy to represent him while casting a spell to drive him, a former love, away forever. The spell pierced his body with thorns, but it wasn't enough to kill him.[1]

When Piper was dying of Oroya Fever, her sisters used a ninja doll to transfer Piper's illness to and infecting it with her blood. The poppet then gained a life of its own and infected more innocents with the fever. The sisters ultimately decided to reverse the spell to save people from falling ill.[2]

A Witch Doctor used a voodoo doll to curse the sisters by turning their flaws into obsessions. The spell was broken by Paige and Piper when they entered a momentary state of shock, and later the Witch Doctors reversed the spell on Phoebe.[3]