A chart noting the development of Piper Halliwell's powers throughout the seasons. This does not include powers gained through unusual circumstances such as transformations, spells, pregnancy etc.

Season One

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Piper freezing Chef Moore 1x01 Something Wicca This Way Comes Molecular Immobilization Power is unbound and manifests as a panic response.
Freeze4 1x04 Dead Man Dating Molecular Immobilization Intentionally freezes for the first time.
FrozenKali 1x07 The Fourth Sister Molecular Immobilization Freezes an entity possessing a witch.
Piperpowerwork1 1x11 Feats of Clay Molecular Immobilization Starts learning to unfreeze on command.
Freeze15 1x22 Deja Vu All Over Again Molecular Immobilization Piper's power advanced to the point that she can freeze more powerful demons.

Season Two

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Anigifbigfreeze 2x02 Morality Bites Molecular Immobilization In a trip to the future, Piper sees the range her power will have.
2x07 They're Everywhere Molecular Immobilization Freezes someone who walks into a frozen room without having to unfreeze it first.
02x09 - PiperSelective 2x09 Ms. Hellfire Molecular Immobilization Learns to select a person to unfreeze while keeping the rest of the room frozen.
2x20 Astral Monkey Molecular Immobilization Can keep power active as long as she focuses.
2x22-piper-leo-freeze 2x22 Be Careful What You Witch For Molecular Immobilization Learns to freeze everything while keeping a selective few unfrozen.

Season Three

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
03x01 - PiperCriteria 3x01 The Honeymoon's Over Molecular Immobilization Piper learns how to selectively freeze based on a criterion.
3x04 All Halliwell's Eve Molecular Immobilization Kept someone frozen for a short amount of time after leaving the area.
3x08-KrellFreeze 3x08 Sleuthing with the Enemy Molecular Immobilization Can unfreeze a selected body part.
3x20-ExploClock 3x20 Exit Strategy Molecular Combustion Ability to slow down molecules extends to speeding them up. Power manifests as an anger response.
MCTrash 3x21 Look Who's Barking Molecular Combustion Used on command for the first time.

Season Four

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Freeze jury 4x11 Trial by Magic Molecular Immobilization No longer needs to see what she is freezing.
4x12-MC 4x12 Lost and Bound Molecular Combustion When angry enough, Piper is capable of blasting through a force field.
Charmed417 460 4x17 Saving Private Leo Molecular Immobilization Disrupts the momentum of a moving object, causing it to drop when unfrozen.

Season Five

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
5x12P23 5x12 Centennial Charmed Molecular Combustion In the alternate universe, Piper can selectively blow up body parts at will.
530px-5x16P29 5x16 Baby's First Demon Molecular Combustion Can blast an oncoming attack.

Season Six

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
6x09P38 6x09 Little Monsters Molecular Combustion Can focus power enough to blast through ropes binding her hands without causing any harm to herself.
6x13P22 6x13 Used Karma Molecular Combustion Blows up multiple demons at once.

Season Seven

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
7x02-PiperMCOndulations 7x02 The Bare Witch Project Molecular Combustion Blowing up an energy ball creates a ripple effect that forces back a demon.
Molecular Manipulation 7x04 Charrrmed! Molecular Immobilization and Molecular Combustion

Piper uses powers in unison to freeze an object in mid-explosion.

7x06P4 7x06 Once in a Blue Moon Molecular Combustion When affected by PMS, power temporarily advances so that she can blow things up without any focus or physical gesture.
7x06P49 7x06 Once in a Blue Moon Molecular Immobilization Freezes a demon in mid-teleport.
7x16-fireball-fight 7x16 The Seven Year Witch Molecular Immobilization Can push someone without breaking the freeze.

Season Eight

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
8x01P28 8x01 Still Charmed and Kicking Molecular Combustion Exhibits greater control allowing her to deviate half an exploded energy ball and to knock a demon sideways into a frozen energy ball.
8x07P25 8x07 The Lost Picture Show Molecular Combustion Deviates a Fireball back at a demon, keeping it fully formed even after blasting.
S08E12 - Episode 168 - Payback's A Witch 20180409-08125968 8x12 Payback's a Witch Molecular Combustion Blasts at a demon mid-teleport to stop them from escaping.
8x16P30 8x16 Engaged and Confused Molecular Immobilization Power advances so demons cannot break free from her freeze, even after adjusting.
300px-Charmed821 053 8x21 Kill Billie: Vol. 2 Molecular Combustion Uses blast to intentionally start a fire.
8x22P26 8x22 Forever Charmed Molecular Combustion Blows up a Demon in mid-teleport.

Season Nine

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
Piper freezes Brittany's funeral even the rain 9x02 No Rest for the Wicca Molecular Immobilization Range of power advances to the point where even rain drops are frozen.
Improved Molecular Acceleration 9x04 Mortal Enemies Molecular Acceleration A greater control over the ability to speed up molecules. Power manifests allowing her to melt a street.
Mol Acc 9x05 Unnatural Resources Molecular Acceleration Power can be used to burn/ignite objects.
Halliwell's Power 9x16 The Heavens Can Wait Molecular Acceleration Power can be used to help move Paige's Orb Shield by speeding up air molecules.
Piper accpot 9x16 The Heavens Can Wait Molecular Acceleration Power is capable of heating liquid.
Molecular Combustion 11 9x24 The Power of 300 Molecular Combustion and Molecular Manipulation The dome reveals full potential of her powers. Can blow up many beings at once. Can revert the soldiers back to their natural state with her mind.

Season Ten

Image Episode Episode Name Power Development
10x01MA 10x01 No Country for Old Ones Molecular Acceleration Vanquishes a demon with the power for the first time.
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