Photokinesis is the ability to create and manipulate light. With the exception of its first appearance, this power is usually demonstrated by controlling orbs of light, rather than manipulating actual light. This power is associated with good, as the only known possessors are the EldersWhitelighters and Whitelighter-Witches.


  • Leo Wyatt first used this ability to make a light bulb glow.[1]
  • Leo also used this ability at his and Piper's wedding. After they kissed, the orbs of light dispersed slowly in a romantic way.[2]
  • Natalie and Leo both used this ability to simulate energy balls while training the sisters.[3]
  • Wyatt Halliwell used this power to make orbs appear around his eyes, in an attempt to scare off his mother's dates.[4]
  • As witnessed by a time-traveling Paige, Leo used this ability in the sixties to make figures of orbs at a gathering.[5]
  • Paige used this power to prove to Henry Mitchell that she was a witch.[6]
  • Chris Halliwell manifested this power for the first time at Magic School.[7]

List of beings who use(d) Photokinesis

Angelic Beings


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Notes and Trivia

Chris manipulating orbs.

  • Only Elders, Whitelighters, and Whitelighter-Witches have demonstrated this power.
  • This power has been shown used in a passive, supportively, defensively and offensively. Leo Wyatt demonstrated the offensive aspect in the comics whilst fighting Rennek.
  • In the comics, Whitelighters can project orbs as weapons, seen when Leo fights Rennek and this was never demonstrated on the show.
  • When Leo and Wyatt demonstrated this ability, Whitelighter orbs appeared. However, when Paige used it, it showed more similarities to Wiccan orbs.


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