"Now where's the Grimoire? I have to get the Charmed Ones off my tail fast, I need a spell to do it."
Bianca to Lynn.[src]

The Phoenix Grimoire is a magical tome possessed by the Phoenix, a clan of elite assassin witches.

Just like the Warren Book of Shadows, it is known to contain spells. Not much is known about the content other than the Inhibition Spell. This Grimoire does not appear to contain special powers like the Warren Book of Shadows.


Lynn was shown to possess a grimoire which was magically hidden. When the future version of her daughter Bianca asked for it, Lynn apported the grimoire. Its content are unknown, except for an unseen spell Bianca used on the Charmed Ones to lower their inhibitions and distract them.[1]

Notable Spells[]


Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Grimoire prop is the same one used for Tuatha's Grimoire. The cover received a few changes, but all the pages remain the same.
  • The Phoenix possessing Grimoires instead of a Book of Shadows is another indicator that the nature of the Phoenix is morally ambiguous.