This house is a regular-sized building in San Francisco that is the home of Phoebe Halliwell, her husband Coop and their three daughters: P.J., Parker and Peyton Halliwell.


Leaving the Condo[]

Purchased sometime in 2006, Phoebe and Coop lived there after leaving their condo, The building appears to be on the main street, and the living room is on the right side of the front door while P.J's bedroom is on the left. In the flashforwards shown in "Forever Charmed, however Phoebe and Coop are shown to be leaving Phoebe's condo when she goes into labor with their last daughter. It is unknown why or how they move back into the condo, though this was most likely a mistake/oversight on the comic book artists' part. However, the condo could also have become home to Billie?

Lost Keys[]

In 2007, Phoebe was in a rush to go to work and had lost her keys, and searched the entire house for them. Finally, Coop gave them to her, and she left the house quickly. However, she was beamed straight back to Coop, and she thought it was him who had teleported her back because she forgot to kiss him, but it was actually baby P.J. coming into her powers.[1]

Notable Rooms[]

Living Room[]

Phoebe and Coop in the living room. The living room is located to the right of the front door, opposite Prue's baby room. There is a brown sofa in there, several paintings, a lamp on a small table, blue carpet, and light-brown painted walls. Phoebe searched the sofa when she was looking for her car keys.

P.J.'s Baby Room[]

When P.J. was a baby, she had a small room opposite the living room and on the left of the front door. There was a purple cot in here, as well as a painting, blue carpet, and light-painted walls. P.J. always teleports out of her crib when she hears Phoebe's voice coming home from work. In the corner of the room is a rocking chair, a set of toys, a dresser, and a changing table.