Phoebe's warning note to Patty

The note.

This note was written by present day Phoebe when she and her sisters travelled back to 1975 after casting the spell "To Unbind a Bond". The letter was intended to warn her mother, Patty of the Water Demon that was to kill her on February 28, 1978. She had put the note in the Book of Shadows, in the hopes that either Patty or Grams would find it. However, she took the note back when she learned that it was wrong of her to do so. At the time, the sisters didn't know what had killed their mother and they assumed it was just a warlock.

The Warning Note[]

Be careful on
February 28, 1978,
or a warlock will
drown you.[1]


  1. The Warning Note, appeared in the episode : That '70s Episode.