"I wrote two letters. One saying goodbye to you and one saying goodbye to my sisters. I haven't decided which one I'm gonna send."
Phoebe to Cole[src]

In 2002, Phoebe Halliwell joined her then husband Cole Turner in evil and became the Queen of the Underworld. Phoebe was pregnant at the time and was kept evil by a potion made by The Seer. When Phoebe found out about this potion, she stopped drinking it, making her able to think with a clear mind uninfluenced by the evil potion. Ultimately she knew she had to choose between Cole or her sisters. In advance, she wrote two letters, one to Cole and one to her sisters. She hadn't decided which one to send however. Later that evening, when Cole returned home, he convinced her to drink the potion but then had to tell her that the "Conroy-thing" got serious. She ran to the bathroom, and spat out the potion she had just drank. All the while, her sisters had come to their apartment and were about to be killed by Cole. Phoebe came back from the bathroom and decided who she would choose. It turned out to be her sisters and together with them she did what she had to do and vanquished Cole.

Later, Piper and Paige discovered a goodbye Letter to Phoebe written by Cole in case of his death by her hand, telling her not to cry for him and that he will love her forever.

The Goodbye Letter[]

Phoebe's goodbye letter to Cole

Phoebe's goodbye letter to Cole.

My heart breaks as I
write this letter to you. The
pain of having to choose
between you and my sisters is
becoming more than I can take.
I know you feel that this choice
had already been made when
I married you, but it isn't
that simple. As much as my
sisters cried to see me join
with evil, they never used magic
to try and change my mind.
You have betrayed my trust.
I don't know who I am with
you anymore. The only thing
-- --, sure is that -- -- --
-- -- -- with -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- --