During her career as a columnnist at The Bay Mirror, Phoebe Halliwell had several assistants.


First Assistant[]

"What is your secret? Herbs? Acupuncture? Tashmin?"
—Phoebe's Assistant[src]

Phoebe's assistant delivered some letters and asked Phoebe what her secret for succes was. She was with Phoebe in her office when she witnessed a TV psychic call out to her using Cole's voice.[1]

Second Assistant[]

"Uh, yeah. Your divorce attorney called, then Cole, Cole and Cole again."
—Phoebe's Assistant[src]

Phoebe's assistant handed informed Phoebe about her appointments and missed calls. When Phoebe spilled coffee when she bumped into Adam Prinze, she got her some paper towels.[2]

The assistant handed Phoebe a box of letters, at which point Phoebe asked how she could answer all of them. The assistant adviced her to just answer two or three a day and ingore the rest, since she could not help everyone.[3]

Notes and Trivia[]


Phoebe's Assistant appeared in a total of 3 episodes throughout the course of the series.


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