Philippa Halliwell was a witch of The Warren Line. She was the sister of Agnes Halliwell.[1]


It was never really revealed as to what kind of relationship Philippa had with her family. However, it was made known that when her sister, Agnes, alienated the family altogether to defend a powerful murderous warlock whom she believed to be their long-lost brother, Philippa deeply resented Agnes for it, even after her sister realized her mistake and confessed to the family about it. She indicated in her journal her severe disapproval and unwillingness to forgive Agnes. In 2002, Phoebe Halliwell cast a spell to find a clue to Agnes's past, and Philippa's journal entry appeared in the Book of Shadows.

Book of Shadows

Journal Entry

Agnes came to the house for the first time since the day she turned against us. We were polite, as she remains family, but no more than polite. She brought disgrace to the Halliwell family, and there are many among us who are not disposed to forgive her, nor will become so. Agnes, as the saying goes, has made her own bed. Whether she enjoys lying in it is not a concern for the rest of us.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers

Notes and Trivia

  • Philippa's surname being "Halliwell" is somewhat unlikely since it didn't begin until Penny Johnson took her late husband's name.
  • The novel Mirror Image indicates that Philippa and her family were the ones who built the manor, and that they were already living in it by 1904 (the year the novel's history takes place).


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