The Petrification Spell is a spell written by Phoebe Halliwell to turn someone's flesh into stone, by calling on Medusa's bones.


Bacarra, a warlock from the future came to visit Cole Turner, informing him that Phoebe would die if she kept saving her current boyfriend, Miles. However, Bacarra's true intention was to steal the Book of Shadows and kill the Charmed Ones. When he finally came to confront the sisters with his past self, the sisters were powerless because Bacarra had disempowered them. Phoebe still tried to stop them by this spell that she had created, however, since she was powerless, the spell had no effect. By the use of Latin spells, the two Bacarra's summoned fireballs into their hand and killed Phoebe and Paige. Their older sister, Piper was rescued by her husband, Leo Wyatt and together found a solution to save her sisters.[1]


Petrification Spell[]

We call upon Medusa's bones,
Turn their flesh into stone.

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