Pentagram - nexus

A pentagram formed by the spiritual elements around Halliwell Manor

A pentagram is a five-pointed star, which has many symbolic meanings in magic. It was originally a symbol of good energy, before the forces of evil stole it giving it negative connotations in the public eye.[1]

A spiritual nexus is the point in the center of a geographical pentagram created by the five spiritual elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal). The Halliwell manor was located at the center of a spiritual nexus, making it a battleground for good and evil. The Charmed Ones realized this in 1999 when the Woogyman tried to take over the manor.[2]


While battling the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Charmed Ones inadvertently formed a Pentagram with three of their members with Prue and War in the center. This combined with each of their magics trying to destroy the others formed a vortex that trapped Prue and the Horseman of War in another plane. Both of them were rescued from that plane when they formed the pentagram again.[1]

The sorcerer Mordaunt used a table inscribed with a pentagram to cast a spell to absorb the powers of several demons, allowing him to claim Excalibur.[3]

When demons seek to claim a territory, they can kill innocents on the five points of a pentagram. Successfully killing five innocents would secure their territory and prevent other demons from reclaiming it. A demon named Malvoc and his clan attempted this in late 2004, though they were ultimately vanquished.[4]


Notes and Trivia

  • A reversed pentagram is on the cover of the Grimoire.
  • The Triad wore reversed pentagrams on their robes.

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