Pat Benatar (January 10, 1953) is an American rock singer and four-time Grammy winner. Neil Giraldo (December 29, 1955) is her husband and lead guitarist of her band. Together, they have two daughters. They performed at P3 in the Season 5 episode "Lucky Charmed".



When Piper Halliwell had some trouble with her club P3, she was granted some luck by a leprechaun named Seamus Fitzpatrick. A moment later, Pat and Neil rang the doorbell of the manor after their car broke down. They asked if they could use the phone. While at the manor, Neil greeted Seamus, saying it was a long time since they last saw each other. Neil also tried to be nice to him, but Seamus told him not to hope for anything since he had already hit him with "his best shot."

Later, they performed at P3.

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