During the run of the series and her life as a Charmed One, Paige died 9 times.

Image Episode Episode Name Cause Of Death Revival
Paige SnowWhite 5x03 Happily Ever After Takes a bite of the poisoned apple as Snow White. Piper vanquishes the evil witch as Little Red Riding Hood.
5x07-44 5x07 Sympathy for the Demon Beaten and stabbed by Phoebe, who was under a spell put on her by Barbas Healed by Leo after Piper helped Phoebe face her fear
Paige Dead WIT 5x08 A Witch in Time Killed by a fire ball thrown by the warlock Bacarra. Piper, with the help of Leo, went back in time to save her.
Paige Grave Stone 5x12 Centennial Charmed When Cole changed time as an avatar, she had been killed in the NEW timeline. By vanquishing Cole, time was reset.
Paige Dead SS 6x07 Soul Survivor She signed a pact to trade her soul for an innocent's. Piper and Phoebe killed the demon and destroyed the contract.
Paige gets shocked to death with Phoebe 6x08 Sword and the City Killed being struck down by a lighting bolt thrown by a Demon. Leo healed her before her spirit could move on.
Phoebe and Paige killed in IDOP 6x15 I Dream of Phoebe A demon wished on a genie for the Charmed Ones to die. Richard wished for The Charmed Ones to be alive.
PaigeDeadS7 7x05 Styx Feet Under In a change of events, she was killed by a demon. The Angel of Death agreed to exchange Paige's soul for a half-demon's soul.
PaigeSeason8 8x21 Kill Billie: Vol. 2 Presumably killed when the manor exploded. Piper, with the help of Leo, went back in time to save her.


  • Paige is tied with Piper in the death toll.