Paige: "So why did an evil witch turn you into man's best friend, anyway?"
Oscar: "Well, it's kind of complicated. Let's just say there's a million reasons."
Paige and Oscar after he becomes human again.[src]

Oscar was a mortal who was cursed by an evil witch and transformed into an English Bulldog for a number of unknown reasons.



Oscar becomes human again.

When Paige Matthews took a temp job as a professional dog walker, one of the dogs kept humping her leg. His owner left town without notice, and he was stuck with Paige for a short time. She was shocked when the dog suddenly talked to her, though she told herself that fate has its own course and that things happened for a reason. He asked her to reverse the curse and she did. When Oscar was human again, Paige asked him how he got cursed, to which he replied it was complicated. He also told her the reason why dogs were barking all around the area, as they sensed serious magic in the air, which was connected to the Valkyries. After becoming human again, he and Paige went out on a date.


Notes and Trivia[]


Oscar appeared in a total of 2 episode throughout the course of the series.