Piper before she collapses.

"Well, apparently you've attracted a blood disease rarely seen in the United States, Oroya fever."
Dr. Curtis Williamson.[src]

Oroya Fever is a deadly blood disease that is rare in the United States, but more common in continents such as South Ameria and Africa. It is transmitted through the bite of a sand fly.


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Prue and Phoebe cast the Awakening Spell.

Piper Halliwell contracted the disease in 2000. She was bitten in the shoulder by a sand fly that had survived the transport of a batch of Kiwano fruit from South America. She eventually fainted and was taken to the hospital, where she was questioned by Dr. Curtis Williamson. He prescribed her antibiotics and wanted to run more tests and blood work.

Piper later slipped into a coma and her sisters asked Leo to heal her. When he informed them that he couldn't help, the sisters cast a spell that transported the disease into a doll. This caused the doll to come alive and spread the disease across the hospital. The sisters eventually reversed the spell to save the lives of others, causing Piper to slip back into her coma. When Piper was about to die and move on into the afterlife, Leo healed her after all.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • Oroya Fever is another name for what is known as Carrion's Disease, which belongs to a set of bacteria-related diseases known as Bartonellosis.
  • The DVD subtitles and various websites incorrectly spell the disease name as either Oroyo or Arroyo Fever.


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