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Ordo Malorum in the book

The Ordo Malorum are demonic generals of the Underworld that command the battle against the side of good. They capture and kill witches who protect the innocent and serve the greater good. They also hold a great place in the hierarchy of evil and their servants are known as Level Two Demons.


Prue Halliwell was once kidnapped by a former gangster named Bane Jessup, to help him fend off against Litvack, a member of the Ordo Malorum.[1]

Book of Shadows

Ordo Malorum
Commanding the demonic legions,
these generals lead the war
against the forces of good.
To ascend in the unholy hierarchy,
they must capture and conquer
those witches who protect
the innocent and value good.
The servants of these generals
(also known as Level Two Demons)
can be identified by the weapons
which they carry.


  • Betty Reardon, a coordinating producer on Charmed, had her face be drawn in the Book of Shadows like many other crew members. She is the second demon on the left half.


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