Oracles are magical beings who can predict future events through their crystal balls. While generally considered good beings, Oracles can also be on the side of evil.


The Source's Oracle[]

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A female Oracle was working of the Source of All Evil in 2001. She informed him that the threat of the Charmed Ones was not over when she discovered Paige Matthews. Because of her warning, the Source sent Shax to kill Paige before she could reconstitute the Power of Three.[1] When Shax failed, the Oracle informed the Source that he had another chance if he could turn Paige evil within the Window of Opportunity. Their plans ultimately failed when Paige chose her sisters.[2]

When the Source planned to destroy the Charmed Ones by getting one of them to relinquish her powers, the Oracle directed him to Piper, telling him she was the most reluctant about her craft. When Cole Turner attempted to vanquish the Source with a giant energy ball, the Oracle sacrificed herself by jumping in front of it, allowing the Source to escape.[3]

Other Oracles[]

"Oh, check out that oracle's… ball."
Phoebe upon seeing a male oracle.[src]

A male Oracle sought protection at the Halliwell Manor with many other magical beings when the Titans were freed from their tomb.[4] When the sisters found the legendary sword Excalibur, a female Oracle was one of the many magical beings who wanted to try freeing the sword from the stone.[5]

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers
  • Voice Echo: The ability to project one's voice in a location without being physically present. 
Other Powers

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Oracles are very similar to Seers, though Seers appear to be more powerful, as they can have premonitions, while Oracles rely on divination.


Oracles appeared in a total of 5 episodes throughout the course of the series.