Oh, Henry is the 8th issue of the Charmed comic series published by Zenescope Entertainment.


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Rennek the Darklighter is still on his Whitelighter-killing spree in order to collect their abilities when a seemingly homeless innocent teen in San Francisco falls victim to a stray arrow. The pregnant teen is dead, but Paige manages to save the girl's baby by orbing the child out of the body immediately. Neena finally reveals herself to The Charmed Ones while taking on an Elder directly on the Golden Gate Bridge. During the battle, Neena sends Piper into the dimension that she sent the Angel of Destiny into in Charmed Lives. Phoebe and Paige want to stay to fight the stranger and rescue their sister, but Leo forces them to flee.







Magical Notes[]



  • Darklighter Crossbow: Used by Rennek to kill a Whitelighter and Kyle.
  • Power-sucking Vial: Used by Rennek to transfer a dead Whitelighter's powers.

Notes and Trivia[]


Paige's phone.

  • The title of this issue is a pun on the pseudonym of American writer "O.Henry'", famous for his twist/surprise endings.
  • This is the third issue to feature an individual Charmed One and another character. The first was issue #6, which featured Phoebe and Cal Greene. The second was issue #7, which featured Piper and Leo. And this issue features Paige and Henry Jr.
  • This issues title could be referring to either Henry Mitchell, Paige's husband, or Henry Mitchell Jr., Paige and Henry's third child.
  • A picture of a triquetra can be seen on Paige's cell phone as her wallpaper or it may be the Caller ID photo for the Manor.
  • "Oh, Henry" is also the name of a chocolate bar.
  • It is revealed that Neena is the first witch.
  • Kyle Brody, who appeared in the previous comic, is killed again in this one. It's also the second time that Paige witnesses his death.
  • While attacking the Elders on the Golden Gate Bridge, Neena says "Fly my Pretties", a reference to "The Wizard of Oz". However, the line is not actually in the movie. Phoebe also comments on the bad Wicked Witch impression.
  • Henry reveals Paige's pregnancy was unexpected.
  • In this issue, Piper says that they'll have to distract "that big scary demon". This is identical to what she says in "Hell Hath No Fury", where she referred to the Kevmay in the same way.
  • The cover is based on a Season 6 Promo shot.




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