"I got suspended because of you! You think you can ruin somebody's life and not pay for it?"
—The officer directing his anger at Phoebe.[src]

Officer Dean was a mortal who worked for the San Francisco Police Department. While on a crime scene, he was infected with the sin Anger by the demon Lukas.


After the accident with Robert Pike, Officer Dean took Phoebe's statement. He asked for her number and then proceeded to ask her out to dinner. She kindly declined, saying that she was seeing someone and he wasn't surprised.

After Phoebe was infected with Lust, the heat turned up between the two of them. When Prue and Phoebe went to save the pastor infected with Envy, Phoebe spotted Officer Dean. The two of them sneaked off to the back of a police van and were about to have sex when they were caught by Darryl Morris and Prue. Darryl suspended the officer, which enraged him. Lukas then appeared and infected him with Anger.

When Dean was leaving the station, Lukas appeared again and told him to channel his anger toward the Halliwell sisters. He handed the officer a gun and told him to find out the location of the pastor. When Dean showed up at the manor, he attacked Phoebe and Piper came running to help. Piper tried to freeze him but her powers were not working properly. He shot at Piper and Phoebe jumped onto him, falling to the ground, and knocking herself out.

Officer Dean's anger escalated until he experienced excruciating pain that made him aim his gun at himself to commit suicide. Prue ran down the stairs and telekinetically threw objects at the officer until he was knocked out. After Lukas was vanquished, the sin ball was extracted and returned the box. The officer woke up with seemingly amnesia.



Officer Dean appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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