The Ninja Doll was a hospital toy and personal favorite of a young boy named Nathan while he was there. While Piper was at hospital with Oroya Fever, Phoebe met Nathan and claimed the doll was actually a powerful good wizard with magical powers, convincing Nathan that he was a good luck charm.

In order to cast the Awakening Spell to save a dying Piper, the sisters needed a poppet to transfer the disease to. Nathan, who was feeling much better, gave Phoebe the doll after telling her he didn't need it anymore.


After casting the spell, Phoebe threw the doll in the trash, where it came to to life as one of the effects of personal gain.

The doll then began to spread the disease around the hospital by stabbing people with its ninjatō. This resulted in several people being infected and the sisters being put in quarantine. The sisters realized they needed to reverse the spell to save the innocent, even if it meant letting Piper die. Just as the doll was about to infect Nathan, the spell was reversed and the doll became an inanimate toy once more.[1]


Awakening Spell[]

Troubled blood with sleep's unease
Remove the cause of this disease
Sleep eternal, nevermore
And shift the source of illness borne
To this poppet whom none shall mourn.

To Reverse the Awakening Spell[]

What was awakened from its sleep,
Must once again slumber deep.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Neither the sisters nor Nathan discovered that the ninja doll was alive and responsible for the infections.