Nick Edwards was one of Henry Mitchell's parolees and the father of Justin Edwards. Henry and Paige Matthews attempted to help him by applying for a loan, in order to build a life for his son.


Along with Henry and Paige, Nick applied for a bank loan to get a better life for his son Justin and give him an opportunity to move out of a bad area. He flew helicopters in a war in Iraq and was supposed to start working for Anderson Aviation where he would be training pilots, meaning he would have had enough money for the payments. However, he was also in jail for a year. Although it wasn't for anything really bad, the bank policy was very strict and they couldn't give him the loan. Nick got very mad that people keep dumping him on and decided to drive his car through the front door of the bank and take everyone inside hostage.

Nick told the employee of the bank to fill a bag with money and give it to him. Henry thought that the only one who could talk him down would be his son, so Paige told Nick she needs to use a bathroom and orbed away to tell Piper to bring Justin down to the bank. She also wanted her to call Agent Murphy, have him call Homeland Security and tell SWAT, who were all around the bank, not to kill Nick. The police then called Nick and he demanded a helicopter out front in twenty minutes with clear airspace. Henry tried talking with Nick and almost succeeded, but one of the hostages, a cop, tried to shoot him. He missed, however, and shot Henry. Nick never wanted to hurt anybody and thus wanted to let Henry be brought to the hospital, but then the police called again and let Nick talk to Justin.

After he talked with his son, Nick wanted to stop. But right then, Rohtul, a demon who wanted to take revenge on Billie, possessed him and attempted to make Billie and Paige use their powers in public to expose them. He nearly succeeded when he goaded Paige into orbing Henry to the hospital, but she accessed her healing power and saved him. Rohtul then threatened to kill him if they didn't "stop" him. Billie tossed a make-up box that she mixed into a smoke-bomb potion and swapped places with Paige during the confusion. He then left with "Billie", who was in fact Paige in glamour, and kidnapped her and brought her to Magic School to be killed. He failed and the Charmed Ones dis-possessed him with a potion. Paige then orbed Nick to the park, where he was presumably found and arrested by the police. Despite this, Paige is confident that he will receive help in any way possible.


Nick Edwards appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.