Nicholas Must Die is a spell written in Warren Book of Shadows by Penny and Patty Halliwell. It was created specifically to vanquish the warlock Nicholas.


The spell was created after the Charmed Ones traveled back in time when they were being pursued by Nicholas. Their mother had once created a bond with him and blessed his ring to make him immune to the powers of the sisters. After unblessing the ring in the past, the sisters were sent back to their own time, after which they found this spell in the book and used it (along with the ingredients placed on the page) to vanquish Nicholas.[1]

Months later, Nicholas was resurrected by the demon Abraxas and went after Prue at Buckland's. She vanquished him again with the spell.[2]

Book of Shadows[]

Nicholas Must Die[]

Holy Thistle
Cleanse this evil from our midst
Scatter its cells throughout time
Let this Nick no more exist.
Use the ingredients of the spell by
pouring in your Sacred bowl.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • This entry can be seen in "Sympathy for the Demon" and "Witch Wars".
  • In "That '70s Episode", the spell included a pouch of ingredients mentioned in the spell (lavender, mimosa and holy thistle). In "Witch Trial", Prue cast the spell without said ingredients, but in both instances the ingredients are recited as part of the spell.