Nell was a powerful witch who lived in the 1920s. She once created a painting with a Latin incantation as underwriting to trick the warlock Malcolm into reading it with his power of X-Ray Vision, thus trapping him inside the painting.

His warlock girlfriend, Jane Franklin, then spent the next seventy years trying to free him, eventually bringing the painting to Prue Halliwell. After Prue became trapped inside the painting, Malcolm tricked her and her sisters into releasing him. However, he and Jane were later sucked back into the painting along with Phoebe after Jane set the art piece on fire. While the sisters escaped, the warlocks remained trapped and burned to death along with the painting.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Basic Powers
  • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
  • Potion Brewing: The ability to brew potions.
  • Scrying: The ability to locate a person or object through the use of a map, a scrying crystal, and sometimes other tools.
  • Mediumship: The ability to see and commune with spirits of the dead.


Book of Shadows[]

Nell Entry

The entry in the Book of Shadows.

Nell 1

The left side of the entry.

Nell 2

The right side of the entry.

Nell 2 Top

Close up of the right side of the entry.


A scan of the page from the real Book of Shadows (Left side).


A scan of the page from the real Book of Shadows (Right side).

Ahinc multos, multos annos menini adhuc quo modo
illa musica faciebat me ridere et scivi si haberem
meam casum id esse mandacum scis si tibi
dicerem puleea fieri altiores non possimus. Tempus
in quo hesitamus est confectum. Non est tempus
quo in luto volutari. Tempta nunc, amor noster est
simile rogo. Cai amorem meum demovi ascendi
montem et circumventi vidi imagonem meum in collib
tectis nactus dum terrae lapsus demovit me. Age
columba, ignem meum. Ecce! Sunt multae hora
temporis in telephono ut dictam de rebus quae
venient. Si vidis imago meam in colli sub specia
nactus. Absolvo amitto amplus brevis Semper
Vidi ignem et vidi pluviam vidi aprician dies
cognitavi eas non finituras esse vidi solitarius tempus
cum possem invinire amicum sed semoer cogitalum
me visuram esse te iterum. Non curo dies Solis dies
Lunae caerulus est dues Martis gratis est et
dies Mercurii quoque dies Iovis non vuro de te
sed die Veneris, adamo.

Dumetes et arbores, arbores decidentute sudite
tationem tempestas venit, vestri pedes erunt
in terra. Me humi proruas, mi calces os aut
infames nimen animas fac quidquid habes in animo
sed, age, mel, nunc parce calceis ne calces mi
glaucos calceos. Nunc hic aut numquam.
Omnes ei occurremus veniet. Taddeus ursus
et glauci calcei. Amo nunc, sed distrahor, ubi
sum, ibi non sum, no sum non. Illa veniet
circum montem veniet. Verva omnes liberant.
Illa aget sex albos veniet. Mundos gaudium et
dolorem hebet. Omnes et sepant. Et omnes
timent. In concordia nos habitamus certe parvus.
Parvus est. Edemus pulooe et panem veniet.
Quis timet magnum lupum. Timesne lupum
malum, non timeo lupum malum. Mica, mica parva
stella tu es vero satis bella! Lucens super hoc
mundo, velut gemma in caleo.

(Spoken text)

In the 1920s, a witch named Nell tricked a powerful warlock into a painting with a hidden spell that only his power of X-ray vision could see.


To Free What is Lost[]

Absolvo amitto amplus brevis. Semper mea.

Words Free Us All[]

Verva Omnes Liberant.


  • Malcolm told Prue that Nell had been his girlfriend, and cursed him into the painting after they broke up. However, since he had lied about his true nature, it is unclear if there was any truth to his statement. Besides, it was never made clear whether Nell was a good witch or an evil one.
  • Prue and Piper agreed on Nell being a powerful and meticulous witch, with the former observing that it must have taken her "a lot of time and a high level of magic" to create the cursed painting. In fact, it was what led them to eventually become increasingly suspicious of the painting's true purpose, as well as what Malcolm really was.
  • The Latin pages on Nell in the Book of Shadows are translations of songs, but the Latin spells used in the episode are real translations.


  1. As mentioned in "The Painted World"