Necromancing the Stone is the 21st episode of the fifth season and the 109th overall episode of Charmed.


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Halliwell matriarchs who have been summoned to bless Piper's baby fall prey to the Necromancer demon who has returned from the Spirit Realm to absorb their magical powers.


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Magical Notes[]

Book of Shadows[]



Paige casting the Spell.

Although the entry itself is never seen, Piper said she found one in the Book of Shadows. It included a Spell to summon the leader of the Creepers. Paige cast this spell to summon the Creeper to attic in the manor. The Creeper appeared behind them and Piper vanquished him using the Vanquishing Potion.

Demons who dwell
in slivers of night
Uncloak your shadows
to Witch's sight.

Book of Shadows Entry

To Summon the Dead []

Place five candles in a loose circle on the
floor, light the candles and then Chant:
Hear these words
hear my cry
Spirit from the
other side
Come to me I
summon thee
Cross now the Great Divide.

The Truth Spell[]

Truth Spell

The entry in the Book of Shadows.

For those who want the
truth revealed,
Opened hearts and secrets
From now until it's
now again,
After which the memory
Those who now are
in this house,
Will hear the truth
from other's mouths.

The Necromancer[]


The entry in the Book of Shadows

The Necromancer is not a demon
but the ghost of a demon who was
vanquished. Mostly dwelling in the
spirit realm he has dominion over
the dead, although he has been
known to escape to the land of the
living. He no longer possesses
powers of his own but feeding on
the souls of the magical dead
imbues him with temporary life. The
length of his empowerment depends
on the strength of the Spirit.
Grams' Notes:
favorite dinner: lamb chops with mint jelly
Enjoys Clark Gable pictures
Enjoys Luxuries of LIFE!
Willing to do anything to live!!
A user and a liar

The first part of the entry (left) in the Book of Shadows.

To Vanquish a Ghost and Return Him to His Rest []

to fight the evil spirit on the astral
plane it is necessary to join him
in death.
mix the following:
a pinch of oleander
a pinch of jimsonweed
a pinch of bloodroot
a pinch of hollyhock seeds
VanquishGhostReturnToHisRest 2

The second part of the entry (right) in the Book of Shadows.

grind to a fine powder and
take with the juice of
after battle is joined,
chant the following
"ashes to ashes
spirit to spirit
take his soul,
banish this evil."
continue chanting without ceasing
until the evil spirit disintegrates.
this spell must only be
attempted with a partner.
after not more than four minutes
the dead one must be awakened,
lest she too becomes
a spirit in fact.

To Call the Halliwell Matriarchs[]


The entry in the Book of Shadows.

I call forth from space and time
Matriarchs of the Halliwell Line
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends
Our family spirit without end.
To gather now, in this sacred place
and help us bring this child to grace.
  • The spell in the Book of Shadows is incorrect. The first two lines are right but then the spell continues with the truth spell. This discrepancy between what is written and what is recited is presumably due to a producer/writer's change in script after the page in the Book was painted.
  • The spell reads thus:
I call forth from space and time
Matriarchs from the Halliwell line
For those who want the truth revealed
Opened hearts and secrets unsealed
From now until it's now again
After which the memory ends.



  • Orbing: Type of Teleportation used by Paige.
  • Corporealization: Grams became corporeal when she left the circle of candles for the summoning spell.
  • Fading: Type of Teleportation used by Skreek.
  • Manifestation: Used by the Necromancer to appear in Spirit form and have all his powers.
  • Flight: Used by the Fairy to fly.
  • Soul Absorption: Used by the Necromancer to absorb Spirits, in order to make himself corporeal.
  • Telekinesis: Used by Grams to attack the Necromancer.
  • Light Dart: Used by Skreek to attack Piper and Phoebe.
  • Spirit Dominion: Used by the Necromancer to control Grams' spirit.
  • Molecular Combustion: Used by Piper to blow up Skreek.
  • Smoke-Fading: Type of Teleportation used by the Necromancer.

Notes and Trivia[]

Charmed Promo season 5 ep

The WB episode promo

  • The trailer for this episode includes clips of the next two episodes "Oh my Goddess! Part 1" and "Oh My Goddess! Part 2".
  • This episode scored 5.0 million viewers.
  • In this episode, it's shown that Grams was romantically involved with a demon and wrote facts about him in the Book of Shadows. Phoebe did the same thing with Cole in Look Who's Barking.
  • A still from this episode would be used again as inspiration for the front cover of No Rest for the Wicca.
  • This is the first Wiccaning that Grams is shown to perform. She will also perform Chris' Wiccaning in "Cheaper by the Coven".
  • This is the first episode that Jason & Kristopher Simmons portray Wyatt Halliwell.
  • Paige casts a truth spell on her boyfriend to find out whether he could handle the secret of her being a witch. Prue did the same thing to Andy Trudeau in "The Truth is Out There... and It Hurts".
    • Paige didn't use the second phrase of the truth spell.
    • Paige cast this spell two times in this episode, first on Nate and then on Grams.
  • When Grams uses telekinesis in this episode, it is accompanied by the same sound effect that used whenever Prue used telekinesis.
  • Piper does not use her Molecular Immobilization power, Phoebe does not use either of her powers and Paige does not use her Telekinetic Orbing power.
    • This is one of few episodes where the sister's don't use their primary wiccan powers.
  • Grams said that before Wyatt there were no male witches in their family, which means that all the men present in their family tree were mortals.

Cultural References[]

Continuity Errors[]

  • The Truth Spell used in this episode is different then the truth spell used before. Previously, any question the Charmed Ones asked would be answered truthfully and they had to answer questions honestly too. In this episode, Nate is unable to lie, but nobody else seems to be affected.
  • It is said in this episode that Grams' romance with the Necromancer is the reason she gave up on love and began hating men. However, that is contradicted in part in "Witchstock", where it is said that Grams gave up on love and became bitter after the death of her first husband Allen
  • In this episode, Grams has no idea that the baby Piper gave birth to is a boy. In other episodes, she has been able to see what is going on in the girls' lives. 


Episode Stills[]



(Paige orbs back to Nate's bathroom.)
Nate: Paige? (Paige opens the door.)
Paige: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
Nate: You didn't hear me? (Nate sniffs the air.) It's alright, you don't have to hide in there, I know what you were doing.
Paige: You do?
Nate: Yeah, you smoke.

Grams: Oh I'm sorry, I'm just too excited. How are you my dear?
(she hugs Piper)
Piper: Excited too.

Paige: (after Nate said he has a wife) Excuse me?
Nate: Did I just say wife?
Paige: You're married? You never told me you were married!

Piper: Okay, so now she's dead!
Paige: You sound so happy about that.

International Titles[]

  • Italian: Un Amore Passato (A Past Love)
  • French: Le Nécromancien (The Necromancer)
  • Czech: Velká láska Penny Halliwellové (Big Love of Penny Halliwell)
  • Slovak: Oživiť kameň (Revive the Stone)
  • Russian: Роман с некромантом [Roman s nekromantom] (Romance with Necromancer)
  • Serbian: Prizivač duhova (The Necromancer)
  • Spanish (Spain): Nigromancia en el más allá (Necromance in the Afterlife)
  • Spanish (Latin America): Embrujando la piedra (Bewitching the Stone)
  • German: Hexentaufe (Witch Baptism)
  • Hungarian: Nekromantika (Necromantic)
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