Nathaniel Coffey is a supporting character in the novel, Mystic Knoll. He works as a handyman at the Yankee Bear while writing a thesis on psychological effects caused by local folklore and legends.


Working at the Yankee Bear for three months, Nathaniel came to care for Harriet and Ida and did his best to help, despite being kept in the dark about Harriet's condition.

He refuses to acknowledge magic and myths, and believes the abnormal incidents in town are due to electromagnetism caused by surges in Mystic Knoll, and that Harriet's condition was due to overexposure to it. He first showed an interest in Paige Matthews and asked her out on a date. But when he realized she had an interest in myths and magic, he immediately turned her away, believing that only fools would believe them.

During the Solar Eclipse, Phoebe, talking as a psychologist, convinced him to help with an experiment to "reverse the electromagnetic energies". In truth, Ida wanted him there because she knew Harriet trusts him. The Halliwell sisters told everyone to hide behind stalagmites during the process to avoid getting hurt. Nathaniel wanted to stay and watch, but Ida pulled him aside. While the sisters were casting their spell, Nathaniel saw a chimeran creature. Phoebe, however, convinced him it was his own fantasy caused by the local urban legends.


Nathaniel Coffey appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.