Nanta is a demon who planned to take over a company to set a demonic foothold in the mortal world.


To achieve her goals, Nanta kidnapped the mortal Rod Dalvos as a child and replaced him with a demonic double, who was then raised by 'his family' once returned. Years later, Rod started working at his uncle's company, run by his cousin Grant Pelham. Dalvos wanted to take the company public, while Pelham wanted to keep it in the family as his father intended. Dalvos and Nanta then planned his death.

Billie Jenkins, looking for clues about her sister Christy, visited Dalvos because he was a kidnap victim as well. Through an enchanted piece of paper, she then discovered he was magical. Meanwhile, Billie developed the power of Projection, accidentally turning her parents into assassins. Nanta used this to her advantage by hiring the Jenkins to eliminate Pelham. At a press conference, the Jenkins shot Pelham, though Piper froze them before the bullet hit. However, Dalvos then stood up and shot 'his cousin' instead, framing the Jenkins.

To clear Billie's parents, Piper later glamoured into Dalvos and confessed to the murder to the press. Furious that her plans were ruined, Nanta appeared before Dalvos and summoned a gun, killing him and making it appear like a suicide. After this, The Charmed Ones never went after Nanta, stating they would see her again in thirty years.

Powers and Abilities

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Notes and Trivia

  • When Nanta conjured a gun to kill Dalvos, the same sound effect used for when darklighters orb is used, while the effect is different.
  • Her plans were similar to that of the Brotherhood of the Thorn in "The Demon Who Came in From the Cold".
  • Despite posing a potential threat, the Charmed Ones and Billie decided not to go after Nanta, stating that she would be back in thirty years, passing the task on to the next generation.
  • Like Margoyle, Nanta was never vanquished, although the next generation of Halliwells may eventually do so.


Nanta has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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