Mystic Knoll is a mystical cave in the small town Cairn, New Hampshire. It is the main attraction o the town. The place is only featured in Mystic Knoll.[1]


Mystic Knoll had been around for approximately four thousand years, and has powerful phenomenal energy connected to it. Among its large location, there was one place with a large monolith used to mark the summer solstice sunrise events.

There was a clearing in the center decorated with stone huts, bridges, walls, and monoliths. Following the steep path leads down to a tunnel that leads to a large cave that was the main chamber. Its walls glowed in the darkness.

According to the Elders, the stone configurations focus and amplify magic.


According to legends, the site was built by an ancient tribe before they moved south to Ireland. A few witches and shamans were aware of the place and its power during the colonial times, but that knowledge disappeared over the millennia.

Mystic Knoll eventually became a tourist attraction that made the little town popular.

In 1985, a young witch practitioner named Abigail Thornwood cursed her daughter Harriet Thornwood while giving birth to her for her own dark purposes. To do so, she tapped into the mystical energy of Mystic Knoll.

In 2003, the Charmed Ones used the site's residual magic to lift the curse on Harriet.

Notes and Trivia

  • The novel is named after this place.